Warrior Healing Project (WHP) is based out of Sierra Vista, AZ as a response to a need for command and control of an array of veteran service organizations who were operating disjointedly out of residences, and who were competing for limited resources in the community. WHP provides a unified presence, under one roof, to streamline costs and magnify benefits to the veteran and veteran families. The mission is to unify, coordinate and mobilize veteran and community support organizations for veterans and their families under one roof.


WHP is working with veterans of Southern Arizona to improve services by veterans, with veterans, and through veterans. This approach is creating an energy, and non-stop opportunity to grow as a community and to tackle problems that have been pushed aside for too long.

Warrior Healing Project has 3 goals, each focused on a different scope of effect for improving the lives of service veterans in the USA:


The Project's first goal is to work alongside local community service groups, healing providers, and local artists to provide operational support so that these organizations and individuals are optimally empowered to serve veterans and their families.

The Project's second goal is to capture regional perspectives and learned experiences from veterans in order to improve services for veterans in the future.  The intent is to foster informed process improvement initiatives for veteran services in both government and private sectors that will drive positive action toward the next goal.

The Bottom Line Goal is to reduce the number of veteran suicides in our country to zero. Warrior Healing Project's intent to take local service partnerships, regional lessons and perspectives and synthesize them with a national effort in partnership with other veterans in crisis programs to end the suicide problem once and for all. WHP will utilize modern technologies to promote communication, data capture, analysis and support for veterans in innovative and highly accessible ways in social media and mobile tech for the purpose of brokering the finest support available for every veteran in crisis in America.


Warrior Healing Project (WHP) began as an experiment in response to an obvious need in our community. The organization was originally set up as a project under Civil Vision International (CVI), a 501c3 that had been dormant for several years. As the effort came together and seemed to fill a real need, the organization grew from about 18 organizations to over 50. The Warrior Healing Project 501c3 was created in 2020, and we transitioned from Civil Vision International to WHP 1 January 2021 to handle Direct Veteran Assistance, Veteran Benefits Support, Education and Training, the Warrior Pantry, and all services that focus on "the people."  CVI, which does business as the Warrior Healing Center (WHC), continues to support "the building," covering expenses such as facilities and utilities which enable 50+ organizations to conduct their business and hold meetings with office space and usage of all common spaces in the building at no cost to them.


WHP EIN: 84-4586158

CVI/WHC EIN: 46-1453081



Catherine Goodman

Director of Warrior Healing Center

Beth Hill Weathers

Chief of  Veteran Assistance  Operations

Dr. Timothy Kirk

Chief Clerk

Dan Shaw

Chief Veteran Benefits

Chief Warrior Pantry